About Us.


Untamed the Label is the brainchild of two sisters-in-law united by their desire to provide comfortable, affordable and fun kids' clothing to families around Australia. This unstoppable team is made up of Nikki and Bronte, two mums who have seen the pitfalls in modern kid’s clothing and want to change the way parents view and buy clothes for their kids forever.

Bronte is a born and bred farm girl hailing from the beautiful town of Kalgoorlie. Now with a family of her own, with three little mini-mes, she has moved just south of Mandurah to be better situated for the next phase of her life. 

Bronte’s favourite activities are a major inspiration behind Untamed the Label, being comfortable anywhere! She’s as comfortable spending a relaxing weekend at home with the family as she is motorbiking, 4WDing and camping. Bronte understands the importance of being comfortable no matter where you are, which is what you can expect from Untamed the Label clothing.

Nikki is the other half of the Untamed the Label team. As a creative mind, she fled the hustle and bustle of Perth and migrated south to the creative, inspirational city of Mandurah. Nikki has her finger on the pulse when it comes to kid’s clothing. With three young children herself, she knows what works, what kids like and what parents need! 

Nikki is an active photographer specialising in maternity photography, applying her creativity and industry skills to their new venture, Untamed the Label. Nikki has always been in tune with maternity and children, and Untamed the Label allows her to channel those instincts and creativity into a new avenue.

Both Nikki and Bronte are huge supporters of local businesses. Working in creative fields in the beautiful city of Mandurah, they have gone from long-time supporters of small, local businesses to owning one themselves. With a keen understanding of the importance of supporting local Australian businesses, Nikki and Bronte look forward to bringing the same energy and passion they have seen in the local businesses they have patronised for years.